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Financial Planning

We believe that financial planning is the cornerstone of your financial success.  Financial planning starts with your unique goals and objectives.  Evergreen Wealth Services helps you understand your overall financial situation, set attainable financial goals, create and monitor a financial plan, implement recommendations and reevaluate regularly.

Financial planning covers a broad range of topics such as retirement planning, tax strategies, employee benefits and compensation, real estate and financing, insurance review, education funding, charitable giving strategies and estate and legacy planning.  Our goal is to guide you in making wise financial decisions that will result in long-term positive benefits.

Investment Management

Evergreen Wealth Services will design and manage an individually tailored portfolio based on your personal investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. We assess tax considerations and opportunities that are specific to you.  Your portfolio will be monitored and rebalanced, as needed.

Evergreen Wealth Services’ investment philosophy is based on academic research.  Our core beliefs include the markets are efficient, global diversification, and a long-term disciplined approach to investing.  These beliefs led us to develop an approach we can implement consistently and you can understand and stick with, especially in challenging market environments.

Our Services

Wealth Management

The wealth management service includes both ongoing financial planning and investment management.  This service provides the most value to clients who want an experienced Advisor working proactively on their behalf. We utilize a flat fee structure based upon the scope and complexity of your unique financial situation. Factors that may be used to determine the fee include the amount of financial planning required, investments, business interests, investment properties, employer stock compensation and other possible areas that are unique to each client. Our client tailored services are most beneficial to individuals/couples with an investment portfolio of $2,000,000 and greater.

Retirement Planning

Estate & Legacy Planning

Education Planning

Investment Management

Charitable Giving

Employee Benefits

Tax Strategies

Insurance Review

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