How To Talk To Your Parents About The Rest Of Their Life

Do you remember a time when you were young and thought your parents were strong and could protect you from anything? When you were a teen and thought they didn’t understand anything? When you finally understood the value of their advice? These stages continue and at some point, we realize our parents are older, they’ve…

Financial Guidance for Dementia Caregivers

Financial Guidance for Dementia Caregivers

It is overwhelming caring for a loved one with dementia. It can be as or more challenging tackling their finances. Often, parents are uncomfortable sharing and discussing their finances with their adult children and adult children are often hesitant to broach the topic. However, not discussing the finances can cause more stress and turmoil in…


Senior Services to Know About

Different stages of life bring new challenges and needs.  Today more than ever, there are a wealth of professionals and service providers who are dedicated to helping seniors, their caregivers and families navigate the aging process.  While some services are better known, others are not, but are just as important to learn about.  The following…

Facing the Future

Starting End-of-Life Conversations Now

The majority of people want to discuss their own end-of-life care with loved ones, but only a few actually have these conversations.   As the saying goes, there is no time like the present.  Conversations with adult children, family and close friends about health, financial, legal and end-of-life issues are hard topics to broach, but imperative…


Steps To Take When A Loved One Passes

The death of a loved one is often a tumultuous time for families.  Whether the death was unexpected or not, there are many tasks to address, all while handling the emotional grief. This checklist is intended to guide your actions and provide structure to the days and weeks ahead.

Smart Ways to Give to Charity

Smart Ways to Give to Charity

Many of us find charitable giving a meaningful way to make a positive impact.  It is also an important component of financial planning.  Below are various smart ways to give to charity.  Before giving to any charity, we advise you to confirm a charity’s tax-exempt status at the IRS’s website.  CASH Cash is a popular…

Who should manage the home finances?

Who Should Manage the Home Finances?

I recently read an article about gender equality starting at home. The article discussed many areas for spouses to work on, such as sharing chores, childcare and family social activities, and balancing and supporting each person’s career goals. Surprisingly, one very important topic was not mentioned: managing the family finances. As a financial planner, I…

Common investment mistakes to avoid

Common Investment Mistakes To Avoid

Investments are an important component of a well-rounded financial plan. As a financial planner, I have seen a variety of investment mistakes that could have been prevented.  These mistakes are often based on emotions or lack of information.  Some investment mistakes can have serious long-term effects.  Below are a few common investing mistakes to avoid.…

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