Caregivers of Dementia Patients

We Help You Find Balance When You Are Overwhelmed

Helping or assuming the health, financial and legal decisions for your parents or loved one is time consuming and overwhelming, not to mention also managing your own life, health and family. Michael Fuhr, founder of Evergreen Wealth Services, personally experienced assuming the finances for a family member. He is keenly aware of the emotional toll it takes to manage someone else’s finances while balancing your own life. Evergreen Wealth Services specializes in providing experienced guidance to clients about their parents’ or other loved one’s financial needs, estate planning and end-of life decisions.

We can provide experienced financial guidance in the following areas:

  • Financial decisions, tax strategies and investment management
  • Determine if income and assets are sufficient to pay ongoing expenses, such as in-home or residential care
  • Review insurance coverages
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Approaches to start conversations with your parents or others
  • Connect you with a variety of senior services that can be especially helpful when the person needing care does not live close by
  • Assistance with your role through Financial Power of Attorney or Trust documents
  • Address your own finances, insurance and estate planning


The following resources may be helpful now or in the future:

Retirement Planning

Estate & Legacy Planning

Education Planning

Investment Management

Charitable Giving

Employee Benefits

Tax Strategies

Insurance Review

Real Estate